Alberta Energy Regulator

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)'s legacy intranet solution was built on Open Text WCMS. Ongoing licensing fees and an unsatisfactory editing experience led the organization to invest in a new solution and one that would better serve the needs of their 1,500-1,800 users. Important to AER, was a solution that included support for runtime environments, patching, security fixes, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

Digital Echidna leveraged the EchidNet intranet product to create a new intranet portal for AER, including a custom branded theme. Launched in just over six months, the solution has no licensing fees so unlimited number of users can be added, as needed, for a team of any size. All pre-existing functionality from the original AER Hub was recreated or deprecated (with client approval) and made for a smooth transition.

Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Content Migration
Drupal Development
Enhanced Search Capabilities via Solr
Migration Plan
Third-Party Integrations
Training and Handover