Sifton Properties

Supporting change management while improving communication between offices, this EchidNET solution brings all of Sifton Properties’ reporting and communication technology tools together under one interface to enhance work management, productivity, planning, and collaboration.

Over 90 years of innovation in design, housing and material usage, Sifton Properties is at the forefront of the construction industry. From its modest start in single home builds in the 1920’s, to its current marketplace prowess in office, retail, industrial construction, and property management, this company is not afraid to strive for greatness and use technology to improve its business processes.

Recognizing that a lack of connectivity and information-sharing between office sites was undermining core values of learning, leadership and accountability, the company turned to Digital Echidna to harmonize its digital world and bring online communication efficiency and discoverability of information throughout the entire company.

Ready for a social Intranet that would serve as a single source of truth, connect its hundreds of staff, and integrate with the several dozen technology tools and platforms used - from Salesforce to payroll software - it was the simplicity of EchidNET’s customizable user interface that appealed most to Sifton.

After the base install of our EchidNET product, developers worked on theme customization to align with Sifton branding. Dubbed “theHub”, the initial install included the powerful Solr search configuration and index. But the bulk of the budget was spent where it counts: integrations, workflow set-ups, and permissions unique to Sifton Properties. The client decided which of several software and apps to integrate first; highest priority included an employee recognition and awards system (STARS), Active Directory server, and a careers portal. Modifying policy management workflows and permissions came next.

Due to the complex needs of the client and industry, a completely different technical approach to a standard site component - the policy management system, was required and achieved thanks to creative brainstorming and open communication. Finally, an interactive walkthrough of the final product and several training sessions with the client team just prior to its deployment aided in transfer of knowledge.

theHUB was delivered to market within a four-month time period and ushers in a new age of leadership and development of process.

Technical Features
Consultation and Project Planning
Content Strategy
Enhanced Search Capabilities via Solr
Graphic Design
Information Architecture and UX/UI Recommendations
Responsive Design
Third-Party Integrations
Training and Handover
Sifton project screen views