WSIB Health and Safety Portal

An online portal developed to deliver an incentive-based health and safety program and eliminate costly paper-based programs, using the Drupal 8 platform hosted in the Acquia Cloud environment.

After integrating the best of the Small Business, Safety Groups, and Workwell programs to form a new Health and Safety Excellence (HSEP) program, WSIB was keen to realize its vision of an online portal that would accommodate the new course material, and support three main audiences: WSIB-approved health and safety educators, insured employers, and tens of thousands of individual users.


Drupal was a natural fit for this project its high modularity, flexible API for integrations, identity and access management capabilities, authentication with external providers, and management of roles, permissions, and media.

The portal was created largely using Webforms with a registration component. It has a large data-storage capability, the ability to share documentation, track usage statistics and more. Information is presented in a consumable format so WSIB or educators can export to other reporting platforms. The portal provides enhanced support via a personalized dashboard for WSIB-approved educators with permissions and access they need, a dashboard for users to complete self assessments and create an action plan, and the ability to choose from 32 online workplace safety programs.

The overall design and theme of the HSEP solution re-used the WSIB parent theme and is fully responsive. Using some of the same design elements helped to create a unified look and feel between the portal and the WSIB public-facing website, and kept the project within budget and timeline.

The high volume of site traffic that WSIB experiences led Digital Echidna to recommend WSIB expand its Acquia Cloud subscription to include a second server.

Having and the HSEP Portal reside on separate server instances minimizes the risk of load/performance issues to either site.

The beta solution was ready and launched within three months, meeting WSIB 2019 enrolment deadline for the 2020 program year. Phases two, three, and four will see more integrations and custom user workflow development, including single sign-on by WSIB staff.


WSIB can track system usage statistics, and test assessment results

  • WSIB-approved educators (service providers) can see which employers have indicated interest in them
  • Employers can connect with WSIB-approved educators of their choice and complete self-assessments, tests, surveys and action plans
  • WSIB can export system usage statistics and assessment results from the portal
Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Drupal Development
Responsive Design
Web Development
WSIB Health and Safety portal site on multiple screens