Napoleon Fireplaces

  • 2020 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

Wolf Steel Ltd. recognized the need for a scalable and more effective approach for managing their web properties, including over 40 which were on various technology frameworks and managed by the Napoleon team. Historically, this created a fragmented user experience and resulted in disconnected marketing and customer-facing efforts. As part of a three-year digital strategy, Napoleon wanted to create a digital foundation upon which customer experience, personalized marketing, and product integration would be built.

After the integration of its Grills product line into the Drupal-based digital framework, Napoleon planned to integrate the Fireplace division. Since the implementation of the Drupal framework, Napoleon still needed to address a number of ongoing challenges within their Fireplaces division:

  • the Fireplaces division had a number of one-off web properties which required a large level of effort to support;
  • lack of brand consistency between web properties;
  • a lack of online functionality in comparison to Grills property; and
  • fragmented product information created missed opportunities for marketing tactics to support sales follow-through and customer service


Napoleon’s new digital experience platform enables centralized management of all former Napoleon domains and marketing campaigns. It also provides an extendable and flexible framework to grow as Napoleon’s needs evolve. The new Drupal 8, fully responsive, WCAG 2.0 Level AA-compliant solution for Napoleon Fireplaces enriches the sales and customer service journey with several new features supported by site personalization. Navigation and functionality, in line with the previous Napoleon Grills website, gives users a familiar experience across multiple brands.

Acquia Personalization collects data for marketers to support more unified content plans and serves targeted, personalized marketing campaigns to site visitors. The platform supports web personalization based on user segmentation, with add-on prompts like “frequently bought together” and “accessories,” and user persona scoring to support interactions such as page visits, form submissions, video plays, document downloads, visits to personalized pages, and CRM data.


This investment is offset by the significant savings in overall digital spend, reduced human errors, and reduction of duplicated work.

  • Dramatically improved site uptime to 99.9 per cent reliability, from legacy environments which went down multiple times a day;
  • Serving targeted, multilingual content, whilst maintaining a consistent brand UI/UX for products;
  • The ability to target promotions by product and region simultaneously; and
  • A new regional website strategy allows regional distinctions between product selection, pricing, and marketing messaging


  • IP and regionalization delivers personalized experiences across different languages and regions;
  • Integrations for site multilingualism, automated product data updates, and product reviews and ratings;
  • Apache SOLR provides subsite-specific search, advanced and custom facets including AJAX slider facets, to a total of six search views;
  • One megamenu combined with a responsive menu (different menu per region and department, IP geolocation and redirect based on IP);
  • A dealer locator feature uses custom Google Maps integration with spidering to provide geolocation by IP address so users can find nearby Napoleon retailers;
  • Chat for instant customer service.
Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Drupal Development
Enhanced Search Capabilities via Solr
Responsive Design
Napoleon Fireplaces logo, fireplace, website view on different screens